From diagnosis to treatment we care for a range of neurological problems including epilepsy, dementia, migraines, nerve injuries, headaches, and movement disorders etc. At our outpatient clinic we have expert consultant Neurologists to diagnose and treat the neurological diseases. The department operates in close coordination with other specialities to ensure the benefit of an integrated approach to neurological ailments. Our state of the art imaging equipments and facilities always stand vital in faster diagnosis and early starting of treatments.

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اللهم رب الناس، مذهب البأس، اشف أنت الشافي، لا شافي إلا أنت، شفاءً لا يغادر سقماً

O Allah! the Rubb of mankind! Take away this disease and cure (him or her). You are the Curer. There is no cure except through You. Cure (him or her), a cure that leaves no disease