Less Noisy MRI (1.5 Tesla Silent)

The source of patients' comfort

Our MRI theatre gives the patients a visual focal point to distract them during the examination, encouraging them to relax and stay still, enabling the clinicians to produce efficient high-quality imaging

  • Noise reduction is achieved in all sequences
  • Claustrophobia free
  • MRI's open bore provides sufficient room for the bariatric patients
  • Our MRI system is optimized for breast MRI exams

Toshiba 16 Slice CT Scanner

Our CT Scanner is an ideal choice for patients who need to perform a wide range of routine examinations. Superior quality imaging allows for immediate identification of a patient's condition, especially during trauma and emergencies. This high-end technology is a perfect addition to a fast-paced radiology department.

  • Quicker diagnosis
  • Improved image quality
  • Accurate scan
  • Enhanced care & safety

Operation Theatre Table, Anastasia Machine, & Operation Theatre light

Online facilities

Lab Results

Our Prayer

اللهم رب الناس، مذهب البأس، اشف أنت الشافي، لا شافي إلا أنت، شفاءً لا يغادر سقماً

O Allah! the Rubb of mankind! Take away this disease and cure (him or her). You are the Curer. There is no cure except through You. Cure (him or her), a cure that leaves no disease